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Texas Passing Seminar

Friday: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM 1 Day: December 11th TBD $50.00

Charlotte, NC - Coaching Seminar

Friday 6-8 PM 1 Day: December 11, 2015 Rugby Athletic Center $50.00

West Lafayette, IN - Coaching Seminar

Sunday 1 Day: January 3th, 2016 Purdue University $50.00

Florida Coaching Seminar

Friday 1 Day: January 8th, 2016 Sebastian River High School $50.00

Seattle Breakdown & Passing Seminar

Sunday: 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM 1 Day: January 10th Hidden Valley Field House $75.00

Milwaukee, WI - Coaching Seminar

Friday 6-8 PM 1 Day: March 11, 2016 Uihlein Soccer Park $50.00

Serevi’s Coach Education team and the USA Rugby Coach Development team have joined forces to develop and offer a range of coaching courses that emphasize various aspects of 15s and 7s rugby. These coaching courses are designed to be hands on and practical.

We have designed these courses in consultation with USA Rugby to correlate seamlessly with the USA Rugby 100/200/300/400 level certification system. Our courses emphasize the technical and applied sides (session planning, game management, etc.) of the game, tapping into the vast international playing and coaching experience of our team.

All Coaching Courses qualify for Professional Development Credits (PDCs) that may be used to satisfy USA Rugby’s annual certification requirements.

As rugby grows in popularity and numbers, we’ll need more and more coaches in the system. Those coaches will need to continuously improve their skills in both the coaching and technical sides of the game. Coaching Courses are one way forward.