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    1. Rugby is a fast paced, team-oriented, contact sport that originated in England in the 19th Century. 

      There are two formats:  15 a side and 7 a side. In the 15s format, games are played in two, 40-minute halves. In 7s, each half is 7 minutes long. 

      The sport is exceptionally dynamic and free-flowing and requires every player to pass, catch, kick, tackle, and run. All athletes play both offense and defense and decision making is widely distributed. There are positions for all body types and the sport is known for being both inclusive and community-minded. 

      Rules are the same for male and female athletes and very little equipment is required to engage beyond cleated boots and a mouth guard. 

    1. Rugby is a contact sport and that has inherent risks.  However, the majority of our camps and clinics focus on non-contact Rugby skills.  Waisale Serevi, Ben Gollings and Santiago Gomez Cora made long careers out of avoiding contact!  Safety is taught within our drills and Rugby is designed in such a manner that safety is built into fundamental techniques such as tackling and going to ground.

    1. Rugby offers obvious physical benefits such as improvements in health and fitness.  Equally important, Rugby fosters a culture and environment of warmth and inclusiveness based on honor, respect and sportsmanship. Many of our crossover athletes also report seeing the field or court in a whole different light when re-engaging in their other sports because of the emphasis Rugby places on field vision and decision making.