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one sport  

It's a fast, physical, spatially-complex game with a place for everyone
and a special sense of community. 

There must be something to rugby – it’s America’s fastest growing team sport.
With increasing access to quality camps, teams, and competitions, young athletes are seizing
the opportunity to participate.


 There are many great opportunities for interested athletes: 

Rugby 7s will debut at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The International Rugby Board (IRB) now holds Rugby 7s World Series circuit events in the USA, for Men (Las Vegas) and Women (Atlanta).

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has designated women’s rugby as an emerging sport. With this designation, colleges are encouraged to create varsity women’s rugby programs and offer scholarships.

Recently, Harvard University joined other universities in granting women’s rugby full varsity status and more universities are expected to follow suit over the next several years.


Serevi® aims to support young rugby athletes by: 

  • - Providing high-quality, economical and readily-available youth development opportunities
  • - Increasing the number of athletes of all ages and abilities who play and enjoy the game
  • - Illuminating a clear development/play path forward as these athletes progress
  • - Establishing and encouraging high standards for coaches, referees and players through custom- developed curriculum
  • - Identifying promising young athletes and integrating them into our High Performance Programs, from where many will be added to the Olympic selection pool
  • - Highlighting and explaining the opportunities that rugby offers them
  • - Providing exposure to national team coaches