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In 2010, we set out to build a positive rugby brand, defined by equal parts experience, passion and professionalism. While our business has grown and changed through its progression, we’ve never wavered from that early mission.
Among our founders, partners, and participants is a fellowship of top international players and coaches who love the game and want to give back. Waisale Serevi, Ben Gollings, Santiago Gomez Cora and Justin Fitzpatrick have risen to the very highest ranks of international rugby, and now have the unique opportunity to pass on what they’ve learned to others.
We have also built a Board of Advisors that includes business stalwarts and rugby luminaries such as Sir Gordon Tietjens. The active involvement of our founders and our Board ensures that each of our participants draws experience from a constellation of rugby’s biggest stars.
While we’ve won many championships, we don’t presume to know what is best for coaches and their players. We work with coaches to identify and address areas for improvement in a personalized manner. Based on our personal experiences as players and coaches, we understand and respect the importance of the coach / player relationships. We seek to complement those relationships en route to the best possible team.
At Serevi®, we see rugby as a Lifelong Player Progression, from minis touching a ball for the very first time at age four, all the way through to national team play. In fact, we are the only organization that blends community-based rugby and high-performance training under a single roof.
Our programming focuses on skills in a progression-based format that teaches athletes to perform consistently under increasingly amounts of game-like pressure. Some of our athletes are surprised to learn we don’t focus on too many contact drills. Waisale and Ben made careers out of avoiding contact, preferring to operate in or create space. And so we prefer to spend quality coaching time on key decision-making. We believe the skills that made Serevi stand out can be taught and have accomplished this through rigorous trial and error.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly: We don’t have time for rugby politics. We have an abundance mentality about the opportunities for our sport and believe it’s a special opportunity that every athlete deserves. We are prepared to partner with whomever shares our passion for growing the game, wherever they may be. We take our work seriously and ourselves less so.
If you’re interested in rugby – for yourself; your child; your college, club or community – we invite you to join Serevi and help Grow the Game.