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Your Atavus ID is a unique member ID that you can use to sign into the site, and to look up your account in the event you need any support assistance. This was sent to you in the welcome email when you first joined, and once you are logged in can also be found on your profile page within the Digital Tackling Academy.

If you are part of an association that has managed your membership, you should have received a welcome email from the group that has your registration information (Atavus ID). The first time you visit the site, you will need to register your account by using either your State Organization ID or Atavus ID, linking a current email address and creating a password.

You need to sign in with one of the unique identifiers for your account, which is either your Atavus ID or the email address you used when you created your account. Certain coach association members will also be able to sign in with their association membership ID; you will have received information from that organization with specific instructions if that is the case.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link from the sign-in page. Provide the email address associated with your Digital Tackling Academy account and click on the “Get New Password” button. You will receive an email with a link and instructions about how to easily create a new password and sign in. If you are logged in to the DTA and would like to change your password, you can do so from the profile page (top righthand corner), and this will be the password needed the next time you log in to the site. Note: if the email does not go to your inbox, check the junk mail folder. If using a school email, check with IT for filters that may have blocked it.

We recommend you get started by learning about the Atavus Tackling System on the “Learn” section of the site. This covers the basic core concepts about our philosophy and approach to tackling. Even if it is not required by your state or association, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our certification process to formally demonstrate your understanding of these concepts. Once you know how the system works, you will be ready to start using the drill videos to teach specific techniques, as well as our various recommended tackle plans on how to implement drill progressions across multiple practices. We also offer more in-depth Tackle Talks as a premier benefit to further explore the principles of the system and how to put it into practice.

Atavus offers the ability to formally demonstrate that you understand Atavus Tackling System and are ready to put it into practice. Our tackle certification is the gold standard for coaches, schools, and associations that are looking to teach the most safe method of tackling to their athletes.

Certification is included in certain membership packages, or it can be purchased as an individual item if it isn’t part of your annual subscription. To obtain your certificate there are a series of videos, three short quizzes, and a final exam that must be completed. You can go at your own pace and resume whenever you like except for when taking the final exam, which must be completed in one sitting. You can retake the exam as necessary with no extra cost.

Your current certification status is displayed on the Home page, the Certification page, and on your profile page. You are complete if you have gone through all the material and have successfully passed the final exam. Note that certification is valid for two years, after which you will need to refresh on the material and complete the certification process again.

Once your certification is complete you can see and download your certificate that shows the course name and the expiration date. After logging into your account, you should see the option to download your certificate from the home page under your status, or you can click on “Certification” in the left-hand menu and see the same option to download from this page. By clicking the ‘Download Certificate’ button, it should automatically download into a PDF from there that you can save or print out.

You can update account information through your user profile after logging in. The profile page is accessed by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen next to ‘Sign Out’, as well as the bottom left-hand corner of the screen above ‘Sign Out’. By clicking on the “Edit” button next to different sections on this page you can update your information as needed.

It’s simple. When you sign up, you’ll immediately have access to our expert coaching resources, drill videos, practice plans, and coaching tips to improve your team’s defensive performance. The Atavus shoulder-led technique is both fundamentally sound and safer. Membership conveniently renews every year, and you can cancel at any time.

No problem. Simply click on the “Manage Membership” button at the bottom of the left navigation area, or from the profile page. You can see the other plan options and easily upgrade or downgrade your current plan. You will be charged a prorated amount when you upgrade to a higher plan based on how much time there is until your renewal date, and full annual price on that renewal date. If you downgrade plans you will still have access to your previous level until your renewal date, and then will be charged the new rate for that lower plan.

We want to provide you with various ways to access the resources most valuable to you. You can buy any content on our site as an individual item if it doesn’t come included in your plan. If you do, you will have access to this content as long as your membership remains active.

Please see the Help/Support link at the bottom of the page and submit your question. Someone will respond to you as quickly as possible.

If your THSCA ID does not work for registration, please check your RMA/UIL profile. Your Atavus Member ID can be found in your Coach Profile Summary. Note: Your Coach Number ID is not your Atavus Member ID.

When accounts were originally built, there may have been some coaches that were duplicates from the THSCA & RMA lists provided. Some accounts had their THSCA ID linked and others did not due to accounts being duplicated.

We have seen that some schools have a firewall/filter put in place to where the videos will not render due to being hosted on Vimeo. We support most web browsers, but older versions of Internet Explorer are not optimized with the certification platform. We recommend using a personal device/network if the videos do not play at school. In an absolute worst-case scenario, the platform is mobile friendly and can be access via smart phone.

This is due to the web browser’s operating system. We support most web browsers, but older versions of Internet Explorer are not optimized with the certification platform. We recommend using a personal device/network if the system does not allow you to advance to the next check-list item while at school. In an absolute worst-case scenario, the platform is mobile friendly and can be access via smart phone. This can also occur due to the video not playing all the way through the last second of run time.

Atavus can not create an account without proof or confirmation of membership to either THSCA or RMA/UIL.

Coaches can signup for a THSCA membership at THSCA will provide Atavus with your new Member ID for your account, which will then be built by Atavus’s Development Team.

Coaches can signup for a RMA/UIL membership at Once you have your RMA/UIL profile built, you must check that Football is marked in your account. RMA.UIL will provide Atavus with your new member ID for your account which will then be built by Atavus’s Development Team.

Typically, between 24 & 48 hours.

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