Atavus Develops Potential

 Combining innovative curriculum from elite coaches, Atavus applies a practical, hands-on approach to improve the performance of players, coaches and teams. With professional, college, and SRO clients, Atavus programing has proven effective at all levels of rugby. 

In addition to on-field training, Atavus offers a range of marketing and logistical support for our clients. Using best practices developed by Atavus’ internal marketing team, we offer packages designed to maximize your investment in Atavus training. 


Atavus powers Major League Rugby in the United States, partnering with teams such as the Seattle Seawolves. By adopting the “Powered by Atavus” focus on comprehensive training programs for players, mentorship for coaches, and effective and engaging support materials, Atavus helps rugby organizations at all levels achieve their long-term goals.

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Coach Education

At Atavus, we train coaches around an attacking mindset by creating an environment where athletes see opportunity and are encouraged to experiment. We want every coach to leave an Atavus program feeling inspired and ready to lead. We focus on developing the critical skills necessary for developing your players to succeed in the modern game.

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"The expertise offered by Atavus allows the Seawolves to build on an already excellent year. Atavus will accelerate our performance on and off the field, help develop a professional environment, and make the Seawolves one of the most technologically advanced teams in the league."

Shane Skinner


Owner, Seattle Seawolves

Atavus Rugby

Atavus is the leader in player development and coach education at all levels. Contact us to learn more about how we can help enhance your program.

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