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We love rugby. And we're taking a lead role in talent identification, coach education, and player development for America’s fastest growing sport (we can’t believe it’s not already #1). Our innovative coaching philosophy develops instinctive athletes through a relentless focus on fundamentals, teamwork, and leadership.

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Introducing Tackle Data

Teams and athletes worldwide are capturing and analyzing data to optimize their performance. Yet, football still has little data on its most fundamental play: the tackle. We’ve changed that with Tacklytics, bringing nearly 90 points of data to tackle analysis.

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The Atavus Difference

Developing instinctive athletes is only possible when their self-confidence and fundamentals are so good, they’re mentally free to make instantaneous decisions based on what they see developing around them. Atavus works with athletes and coaches to foster this freedom and allow creativity to take over.

We’ve assembled a diverse set of former professional and collegiate football players, international rugby athletes, Olympians and championship coaches as our team of expert instructors and analysts.

Across both our rugby and football programs, we utilize an innovative, data-driven, and player-centered approach; putting athletes in the best position possible to succeed in competition, and ultimately in life.

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