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University of Washington

Ohio State

“Our friendship with Waisale Serevi and his team is a treasured relationship for us. They’ve certainly helped us a ton in our efforts to improve our tackling and make our style of play better and tougher. We are tackling better than ever because of the things we’ve learned from Wais and his team at ATAVUS.”
Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks
“Now that all of the Women’s National Teams [WNTs] are in one program, it allows us to manage coach development much more holistically,All of the assistant coaches for all of the age-grade teams now come through the ECDP. I certainly encouraged all of those coaches [former Eagles] to participate in the ECDP, but it was actually ATAVUS that sponsored them to attend.”
Pete Steinberg, Women's 15s Head Coach
“We want to promote player safety and a more efficient way to approach the tackle. We found a great deal of expertise in the ATAVUS organization. They had a specific plan to help our guys compete in the PAC-12.”
Jeff Choate, University of Washington
“We’ve put a solid foundation in place that encompasses skill development and game understanding as we continue to grow this program. Our goal is to continue identifying the best players from around the country and put them in challenging situations to ensure they can improve and perform under pressure early and develop a comprehensive knowledge of the game.”
Farrah Douglas, GHSAA Head Coach
“They have enhanced what we do here at Ohio State to help us become a better tackling football team. We live by what they talk about, they have a lot of data on how to tackle, how to track and how to analyze your tackling.”
Chris Ash, Ohio State

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